The Power of Chakras & Kundalini

Tickets & Info:
Venue: Dead Dolls House
Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

Darren Springer invites Sanae Orchi, Dutch TV presenter, speaker, and Kundalini student, for a magical talk exploring the Chakras, the most important energy points in our bodies and how you can activate your Kundalini.

This talk includes:

• The history and esoteric practices

• What & where are the chakras?

• How to change your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

• Yoga and meditation techniques to open your chakras

• Breathing exercises to get you in touch with your body and higher self

• How you can use healing plants to support your chakra development.

• Easy lifestyle tips to implement for optimal chakra alignment


Sanae Orchi is a Dutch TV presenter, entrepreneur, and speaker. She graduated as an economist and started to work in the media. For years she has been working as a national news reporter but recently quit her job to fully commit to gaining and sharing spiritual knowledge. Sanae studied Kundalini Yoga, different kinds of meditation like Holotropic breathwork and she has developed a 7-phase meditation.

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