The Power of Chakras & Kundalini Workshop

Come and join us for this magical workshop delivered by Sanae Orchi. She will share practical exercises plus tips and tricks about the chakras the most important energy points in our bodies and how you can activate Kundalini.

This session includes:
• Yoga and meditation techniques to open your chakras
• Breathing exercises to get you in touch with your body and higher self
• Easy lifestyle tips to implement for optimal chakra alignment

About Sanae Orchi:

Sanae is a Dutch TV presenter, entrepreneur and speaker. She graduated as an economist and started to work in the media. For years she has been working as a national news reporter but recently quit her job to fully commit to gaining and sharing spiritual knowledge. Sanae studied Kundalini Yoga, different kinds of meditation like Holotropic breathwork and she has developed a 7-phase meditation. Now she’s running her own lifestyle & fashion brand QIFESH. Body - Mind - Expression is the basis of the empowering brand, and to bring inspiration and self-awareness to people is the mission. QIFESH designs striking street wear fashion and creates personal experiences with their events, and motivational talks about personal growth & achievement.

Experience includes:
In the workshop she will share and practice her 7 Phase meditation which is a powerful meditation to transform your whole state of being. It covers all things you need in order to feel relaxed, vital and energetic. It helps to keep you focused on your goals and gives you energy and creativity in achieving it.

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