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The Clerkenwell Tarot

In collaboration with Chloe Amia Isabelle, Arkem Mark Walton and SallyRuth Davies, Divine Ridiculous will present a gnostic/theatrical experiment in an undisclosed Clerkenwell venue on the evening of Thursday 29th Nov 2018...

Join a collective of artists activating hearts, artistic imaginations, and mediumistic tendencies - to channel a host of local spirits: historical characters, events, landmarks and legends of Clerkenwell, during a durational, immersive performance that will incorporate multiple artistic interventions.

This auspicious event is taking place due in great part to the labours of 4th dimensional archeologists SallyRuth Davies and Arkem Mark Walton, who have unearthed an obscure and incomplete metaphysical Tarot deck entitled 'The Clerkenwell Tarot'. This unique magical tool unites the spirits of Clerkenwell in syncretic marriage to the archetypes of the ancient Marseille Tarot.

We will form a group of highly motivated ritual theatre researchers working independently and in chorus to contact the spirits represented in this rare unknown Tarot, crafting short-form interactive experiences, psychomagic experiments, enigmas and artistic installations, to be presented to a costumed public at a ticketed evening event (7-10pm) in an historic (and small) Clerkenwell venue.

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