The Tūhoe Maori Worldview with Te Kaha

Aho is honoured and welcomes to London Te Kaha who is a far-travelled advocate and spokesperson of Ngai Tūhoe Maori - the first nation people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) - representing and sharing some of the ancient knowledge of his people.

"In these times of transition on Earth, my intention is to guide others in their empowerment and transformation; in their re-connection with themselves and with the natural world, as shown to me by my tipuna (ancestors)." - Te Kaha

Join Te Kaha for his Tūhoe Maori Worldview: Reviving the Ancient Knowledge of Haputanga, Pounamu & Ta Moko.

Booking essential. Only £15 in advance via website or via meet-up or £20 on the night.

The wisdom of his ancestors is clearly perceived within the teachings he shares - particularly within the realms of Haputanga (traditional birthing practices of the Maori people, from a male perspective), Ta Moko (traditional tattooing) and Pounamu (the sacred healing stone), shared across Aotearoa and worldwide.

In this presentation, Te Kaha will share some of the ancient knowledge of all three of these healing modalities - and their revival in the world today - as well as sharing his personal story of re-connection with his whakapapa (genetic roots), his ohoake (awakening) from addiction, and how he has come to re-focus his life on the perpetual wisdom and freedom from mental slavery, that this re-connection has empowered him with.

This talk is for those interested in Maori culture or healing practices, or who simply stand by that - as our planet transitions into a New Story - we must hark back to and integrate the wisdom of our global ancestors, re-cultivating the connection with our selves and with the natural world.

"Te Kaha's gentle words melt away the differences between cultures... People begin not to see so much the impressive face tattoos he wears, as they open to receive his ancient heart teachings." - Robin Lim, Founder of Bumi Sehat Foundation, 2011 CNN 'Hero of the Year​'

Te Kaha is a husband, father, teacher and birthkeeper. Him and his wife Christina, and their three children, live self-sustainably and in natural harmony with their whenua (land) - on a sacred mountain of his people, in the North-Eastern edge of the Urewera, his tribal homeland; where the whole family play a seamless part in all Pounamu, connections and experiences they create.

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