Welcome Home: Who are you? 

“A playful exploration of who you think you are, who they think you are and who you really are” Visit London

Arts company Infinite Experience are back in London for a one-off run of their consciousness-raising interactive theatre piece Welcome Home in collaboration with the Psychedelic Society. 

Intertwining theatre, play and virtual reality; each participant enters the space alone and experiences a completely unique journey through the psyche. The piece explores the unveiling of our illusions of separation on an adventure to reach a higher state of consciousness: An interconnected worldview. 

The company has travelled around the world developing this piece and exploring deeper questions about the nature of self. The work has been strongly influenced by shamanic plant medicines and psychedelics; with the aim to induce altered states through the body.

4 tickets per show, 4 Shows per night.
£27 Early bird
£33 General

Time slots:
6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm

“Very exciting. Very Matrix-esque” Theatre Bubble

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