Welcome Home: An Interactive Performance of Reconnection

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The Psychedelic Society are proud to be partnering with Infinite Experience for a second run of Welcome Home. We first stumbled upon this gem in 2017, and quickly offered our support to produce this show in December 2017. It was a sell out success and we're delighted to have them back. This one to one interactive performance is like a psychedelic trip without drugs.

We highly recommend you book tickets early as places are extremely limited and we expect to sell out!

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Welcome Home

In 1968 a group of astronauts travelled to space and looked back at Earth, experiencing a shift in perspective about who they were and their place in the universe.

They described the feeling as "complete oneness with all of creation".

Welcome Home seeks to give you the same experience

(without the need for space travel)

"I felt that sweet spot between a sense of my tiny yet complex self, in a much greater, and infinitely rich universe....and the connection binding us all together" ★★★★★ - Stylus Media Group

Welcome Home manifests within the realms of interactive theatre, experiential learning, performance shamanism and therapeutic art. Through the combination of various art forms and sound therapies we induce the awareness of subconscious thought patterns rooted in fear and separation in order to release them and reconnect to our deeper selves.

“Is it theatre? Is it art? Is it therapy? Is it an alternate reality where you can really look at yourself? I’d say it’s all of these things and more.” ★★★★★ - Design My Night

We take you a journey through your psyche. Your experience is your creation and your reflection. Welcome Home.

“Every interaction will give you a story. It just depends on the story you seek" ★★★★ - Exeunt Magazine

About Infinite Experience

Infinite Experience is a collective of artists who came together with the shared purpose to awaken humanity. Since their formation Welcome Home has been performed the world over from tribal communities on Caribbean beaches to the deserts of Burning Man, London and throughout Europe.

We are storytellers, designers, movement specialists, actors & activists specialising in designing experiences to inspire change from within.


“Mind Blowing” - Made In Shoreditch

“Very exciting. Very matrix-esque” - Theatre Bubble

A playful exploration of who you think you are, who they think you are and who you really are” - Visit London

"Anyone with a sense of theatrical adventure should dive straight down to the show's bonkers depths" - A Younger Theatre

"Part-psychedelic, part-hypnotic, part self-reflective" - Design my Night

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