Wim Hof Breathwork

Learn all about the 'Wim Hof' breathing method, the science behind it and how to practice the method.

The 'Wim Hof' breathing method can be used to improve focus, relieve stress, increase energy, improve the immune system function, increase performance and creativity, boost circulation and improve tolerance to cold.

The workshop will cover

Presentation on the Wim Hof breathing method
Breathing tests
Wim Hof Breathing Practice
Modifications to the method and Feedback

About the Facilitator

From Greece to New York to London – Anastasis has serviced the Greek Special Forces and traded currency derivates – all while expanding his exploration of dopamine-pumping hobbies along the way. During his years in banking he noticed how detrimental stress can be on our bodies – leading to stiffness, early ageing and injury.

This led him to begin his yoga practice and studies in nutritional therapy in 2009 where he developed a wellness protocol different from everyone else. Through a combination of both traditional and innovative yoga modalities paired with the fundamentals of breathwork, Anastasis has created a holistic experience modelled bio-individuality for each of his client’s personal needs and goals.

His greatest influences are leading experts such as Wim Hof & Patrick McKowen, which led him to begin teaching breathwork at HotPodYoga and his awardance of a top yoga teacher in London by AboutTime magazine.

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