Winter Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice Ritual 

This is time together at Solstice …to gather ourselves and our inner fires for a warm-hearted evening of beauty making and meditation with the Earth.

We remember that humans are here to live in good relationship with the Earth and to be caretakers. Through ceremony we will connect, make offerings and align with the energy of the season. We will honour the Sun God on this longest night of the year and pray for the return of the light.

Calling on the Bear Spirit to teach us, how to heal, receive, dream and listen to the stirrings of the inner spaces, the Cave of the Earth.

So let’s dream in. What consciousness stirs in you – what shall you nurture within this winter that may well blossom into form next Spring? Let us be with this time now and invite a nourishing winter.

The evening will include:
-You will be welcomed and introduced to the teachings of Bear
-Connect to the energy of the Winter Solstice through a drum journey and invited to dream a little with the spirit of Bear.
-Enjoy held space to nurture your visions within this winter.
-Participate in a ritual for the Sun – includes song, prayer, and altar-making.

What to bring:
-Being cosy is important- so please bring cushion(s) blanket to sit on (the floor)
--A candle (if needs be a candle holder) for the altar
A small gift of fruit for the Bear and/or flowers for the Alter.
-Pen and Paper

Who is this for?
No prerequisites to attend. Whether you are just curious about ceremony, looking to focus and connect with the season, or interested in shamanic approaches to meditation and well-being, this evening will give you a taster of this. You don’t need to have prior experience but if you do have previous experience your presence will be most warmly welcomed. We will dive into what it feels like to explore consciousness within and to align with the Earth spiritually.

Ellie's Bio
With humility Ellie seeks to create ceremonies of beauty that resonate in the heart. In times of broken lineage, we are all shoots on old roots. Where our indigenous connections have been cut we seek a way to bring our self into good relationship with the Earth. Ellie’s passion is for creating healing ceremonies for the Earth and people and she is interested in crafts, storytelling and plant healing. Ellie has trained with Hartwell Shamanic Ways with Annie Spencer.

Cover artwork: Bear Dreams the World by Erin SchantzHilton, Earth Tongue Studio

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