Women's Retreat: 15-18 November 2018

Women's Retreat: A Deep Dive Into The Divine

Magic happens when a group of women come together with the intention to hold each other in a sacred space, so we are excited to announce a women’s retreat reconnecting with the inner goddess that lives in all of us and reigniting the power of sisterhood, aided by the use of psilocybin and other mind-revealing practices.

It is in the safety of a circle of women that we can create the time and space to drop into the wisdom of our bodies, to find a source of silence away from the noise of modern life, and access a deeper knowing and wisdom. There is a process of ‘remembering’ that happens in women-only spaces; what it is to be in a woman’s body at this time, to see our own experiences in others’ stories, to feel heard and understood, in our light and our shadow.

Psychedelics will be a crucial ally in this joint journey, being an incredible force of truth and immensely helpful tool for facilitating understanding, heart opening and connection. This will be supported by an exquisite, nurturing and inspiring blend of ritual, ceremony, song, movement, meditation, group inquiry, as well as connection with nature’s cycles and the four elements, exploring how each manifests within our own psyche and bodies, and thereby getting an experiential sense of our oneness with to the natural world (and the universe!).

Come immerse yourself in natural and nurturing surroundings, take a wild dip in the lake, sit by the campfire sharing songs and stories, gaze at the stars as you soak in our wood fired hot tub, find stillness in the surrounding woodlands.

This retreat will take place over 4 days from Thursday November 15th until Sunday November 18th near Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. The standard cost of the retreat is 500 GBP, with a sliding scale for low-income and higher-income earners. Everything (food, accommodation, facilitation) is included in the price except travel and truffles, which must be done individually for legal reasons. This will amount to an extra cost of approximately 40€ for an average dose. We will advise you on this process once you are accepted to a retreat.

Please note: there is the possibility of booking onto a shared taxi, departing Amsterdam Centraal at 4pm on the 15th / drop off at around 3pm on the 18th. 

This retreat is an inclusive space for all female bodied or identified people. We wish to emphasise that this workshop will have a strong focus on femininity and the female experience. If you are called to join and you are transgender or nonbinary, please get in touch and we can discuss if this would be a safe space for you, and how to make more inclusive spaces in the future.

Testimonials from the November 2017 women's retreat:

Claudine, USA: Before attending I heard over and over how many claim the psychedelic trip to be the most meaningful experience of their life. My psychedelic trip at the retreat was to date the MOST MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. It was deeply spiritual and healing. Attending this retreat was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. Anyone who asks I encourage them to attend a Psychedelic Society of the UK Netherlands Experience Weekend and if they are a women, I highly recommend the Women’s Retreat. It was a really special life changing experience for me on all levels.

Camilla, UK: The care you all provided was beyond what I had imagined and very supportive. I can’t really put into words the energy and supportive, non judgmental space you held for us but it was really special. Thank you. The weekend was very profound and meaningful.

Gill, UK: The weekend was immensely profound and meaningful, I feel changed and on the path to a healing process I wasn't even aware I needed... I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have lived this experience and aware of how "set and setting" is all. I loved the sacralisation process of the trip, our society is so lacking in any structure for this kind of initiatory experience that I congratulate you on what you have created. We are stumbling in the dark but your work towards creating western spiritual pathways is brave and pioneering. I would have liked the weekend to have lasted longer, the Sunday morning seemed to fly by and, all of a sudden, we were gone.

Sabina, Turkmenistan: It was simply perfect. There was nothing I could add or take away from the experience. I feel odd saying it as if I’m too nice but it’s true. The only thing I could think of is making it a day or two longer. I must say that the beauty, kindness and this very special aura of the weekend facilitators was the key.

Anna, Australia: It was definitely one of the most intense, eye opening and meaningful experiences of my life. Six months later, the weekend is still affecting me. I feel more relaxed and less judgmental than ever. I still feel inspired by having seen three women hold space and look after their sisters with such compassion, care and humour. And - perhaps best of all - I’ve kept touch with many of the women from the weekend: they’ve turned from strangers to friends who have shared in one of the most special moments of my life. I couldn’t recommend the experience more highly.

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