Honouring Earth Cycles; Samhain Yoga Special with Rosie Slay

Samhain marks the beginning and end of the Celtic New Year, a time to connect with your inner wisdom and vision. Through this practise you will work through a series of dynamic postures (asana) combined with breathwork (pranayama), finishing in a relaxation. We will breathe new life into old traditions, honouring the cycle of endings and rebirth.

This practise is suitable for complete beginners to more advanced practitioners.

Rosie started practising yoga 12 years ago with the goal of touching her toes, but when she got there she carried on going, realising that there was more to this than loose hamstrings. She found that when her body was busy making shapes her mind was able to process and achieve a new perspective. She trained with Frog Lotus Yoga in 2016, and Womb Yoga in 2018.
IG: https://www.instagram.com/rosieslaylondon/

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