Psychedelic Experience Weekends

The Psychedelic Society's Psychedelic Experience Weekends allow you to explore the transformative potential of psychedelics in a safe and legal environment. The profound experiences of unity and interconnectedness reliably brought about by strong psychedelic trips can help people to live lives of greater love, compassion and joy.

The psychedelic used at the weekends is the psilocybin-containing truffle. The weekends take place monthly in the Netherlands, where psilocybin truffles are legal, in groups of 10-15. You can read more about psilocybin (which is broken down in the body into psilocin) at DrugScience and PsychonautWiki.

Experienced facilitators are on hand throughout, with no fewer than 1 facilitator for every 5 participants. The cost (including food, shared accommodation, truffles and facilitation; not including travel) is £300. Private rooms are often available at a premium of £100/room.

The weekends are aimed at people in good mental and physical health wanting to explore the nature of reality and the mind. They are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic care.

Experience Weekends take place almost every month, with exact dates released a few months before. You apply to the programme, rather than a specific weekend; if accepted onto the programme, you will then be able to book a place on a weekend. Confirmed dates:

  • 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2017
  • Psychedelic Experience Weekend for Women: 27-29 Oct 2017
  • 3-5 Nov 2017
  • 8-10 Dec 2017

The Psychedelic Society is a registered nonprofit organisation. Email with any questions.

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A clip from a talk by Prof. Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins University, describing a recent study involving psilocybin

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The process


The weekends take place in tranquil, spacious properties within easy reach of Amsterdam. Photos of some of the venues we use:

Lead facilitators

Stefana Bosse

Hi, I’m Stef, Head of Experience at the Psychedelic Society. I have a deep passion for introducing people to psychedelics and for creating an environment that will support mystical experience for those who have only taken them in a recreational context. Psychedelics have granted me some of the most profound experiences of my life, the ripples of which continue to have a positive and deeply meaningful impact on my life. I have experience with a wide variety of psychedelics, but have taken them with great respect and care every time, and believe in the importance of doing so.

I am a certified Forrest Yoga teacher, and have a regular meditation practice, most strongly inspired by Osho and Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhism. But my prayer is dance. I enjoy all kinds of rhythmic movement expression, but most regularly I dance tango, 5Rhythms and daily morning boogies at my house! I also play the Hang and clarinet, and love all things food and nourishment related.

My calling has always been to help others, initially leading me to obtain a bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, and Masters degrees in International Affairs from Sciences Po in Paris and Columbia University in New York, followed by work in the environmental and human rights sector. However, as my own path has unfolded and spiritual journey deepened, I have become increasingly interested in the inner dimensions of change and healing, and specifically the overlap between psychotherapy and spirituality. After participating in the life-changing Path of Love (POL) process, I have just begun a yearlong training as a Holistic Counsellor with the founders of POL.

It is a profound honour to facilitate the Psychedelic Experience weekends and I do so bringing everything I've learned, and most importantly my full presence and love to hold the space and support those undertaking these deep, cosmic journeys.

Stephen Reid

Hi, I'm Stephen, and I'm the founder and director of the Psychedelic Society. I have extensive personal experience with a wide variety of psychedelics and have facilitated psychedelic sessions for a number of years. My psychedelic experiences have been amongst the most profound of my life, and have helped me to become a happier, calmer, kinder and more open-minded person.

I regularly dance 5Rhythms, facilitate Psychedelic Rhythms dance sessions, play squash and sit zazen. Psychedelics stimulated my interest in nondual philosophy and I am greatly inspired by the work of Alan Watts. I have attended meditation retreats at the Esalen Institute and Dhamma Dipa Vipassana meditation centre.

I am a camp lead for La Botica Exótica, a camp at European Burning Man events Nowhere and the Borderland, and have been on the organising team for several similar co-created gatherings in the UK. I am a committee member of the Breaking Convention multidisciplinary conference on psychedelic consciousness.

I live in London, enjoy a plant-based diet and do freelance digital work for a number of NGOs and political organisations. I have always been interested in the nature of reality and have Masters degrees in Physics from the University of Oxford and Complexity Sciences from the University of Bristol.

I believe that many people stand to benefit greatly from the careful use of psychedelic substances. I am deeply honoured to facilitate the Experience Weekends and bring to them my full love, energy and attention.

Ciara Sherlock

Hello! My name is Ciara, one of the lead facilitators of the Psychedelic Experience Weekends. Helping people to feel comfortable, held and safe while going through transformational experiences and exploring new aspects of themselves is one of my deep passions and skills.

I am an experienced psychonaut and the conscious and considerate way I have used psychedelics have shaped my life in a beautiful way. In March 2015 I founded The Psychedelic Society of Ireland and since then have been cultivating the Irish psychedelic community through social gatherings, doing harm reduction work and facilitating psychedelic experiences.

I have a background in festival harm reduction, where I work with people who are having overwhelming substance related experiences in difficult environments, aiming to transform challenging experiences into ones of growth. I founded a harm reduction project called SPACE in Ireland, and have undertaken drug welfare training with ChillWelfare (UK) and training on Integrating Psychedelic Experience with Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (US).

While travelling in India I qualified as a Biodynamic bodywork therapist. My practice mainly focuses on massage therapy but I also have a big interest and extensive experience in holotropic breathwork and body movement techniques, working with the release of both physical and emotional tension and trauma.

I have a love for experimental community living, philosophy, science, mysticism, artistic expression, vegetarian food, personal development and deep connection. My favourite way to spend my time is being in nature, exploring music, travelling, practising yoga, dancing, reading and growing and cooking food.

Words can’t express how blessed I feel to facilitate alongside the other amazing people on our Experience Weekends team, and to be able to sit with people through their profoundly beautiful journeys.

Feedback from previous weekends

The weekend was one of the most profound, deeply moving and healing experiences of my life. It surpassed all my expectations. I felt very safe throughout the weekend, and the venue was well chosen. I enjoyed having to journey to our destination and having plenty of time for introspection and intention setting on the train.

I would highly recommend the Experience Weekend to my family and friends and have already done so. You have created a safe, loving and creative space in which to allow us participants to fully focus on the breathtaking psychedelic journey. It was also fantastic to be able to delve into your wealth of knowledge and experience.


Sample timetable


8am Catch train from St Pancras (suggested, optional - you're welcome to make alternative travel arrangements)
3pm Meet in Amsterdam people who made alternative travel arrangements
5pm Arrive at the venue
7pm Dinner, cooked together
8pm Opening circle
9pm Group deepening exercises


8.30am Yoga/meditation
9.30am Breakfast
10.30am Pre-trip circle
11.30am Take the truffles. There will be a comfortable central space with music, food and art equipment, a designated silent space, and the option of being outdoors
5pm Trip over for most people
6pm Gentle post-trip/pre-dinner activity
7pm Dinner
8pm Check-in circle
9pm Activities (optional)


9am Yoga/meditation
10am Breakfast
11am Reflection/integration exercise
12pm Closing circle
1pm Return to Amsterdam

We respectfully ask participants to not bring alcohol or other psychoactive substances so that the focus remains on the psychedelic experience.

Suggested reading

You can find further recommendations on our Books page.

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