This timeline of articles from the Guardian newspaper tracks the prohibition of fresh psilocybin ('magic') mushrooms, the "[criminalisation of a] trade that... poses little danger to anyone".

There's no evidence magic mushrooms are addictive, cause harm to people or are a public order problem. The bill is completely disproportionate.

Lord Mancroft, member of the all-party group on the misuse of drugs

This Bill was conceived in prejudice, written in ignorance and is being enacted with incompetence... It will ensure that a legal trade that causes no problems and is conducted by many businesses will end and be replaced by an illegal trade.

Paul Flynn MP

There has been no meaningful consultation on this move that is not supported by any of the leading drug organisations. It is clearly an attempt to appear ‘tough on drugs' rather than being the result of rational evidence based thinking.

Steve Rolles, Transform
Sat 29th Nov 2003

High times in magic mushroom business - and it's perfectly legal

Sales of psychedelic fungi and growing kits are booming as retailers take advantage of a loophole in British law


Tue 14th Dec 2004

Trip over?

Magic mushrooms have never been more popular. More than 400 apparently legal 'shroom' shops have sprung up in the past two years, and growing kits have become a must-have Christmas present. So why has the government suddenly turned tough on sellers?

Wed 15th Dec 2004

Magic mushroom case judge tells prosecutor: chill out


Sat 19th Feb 2005

Magic mushroom dealers face new test cases

Sat 16th Apr 2005

Peers and MPs join furore over 'rushed' ban on magic mushrooms

Retailers to challenge class A classification amid claims that new law will drive trade underground

Wed 18th May 2005

Mushroom cloud

A new law puts a harmless fungus on a par with crack and heroin

Sat 25th Jun 2005

Last orders for magic mushroom enthusiasts

Mon 18th Jul 2005

Law spells end for mushrooming trade

Tue 2nd Aug 2005

Headache sufferers flout new drug law

Calls for clinical trials and rethink of legislation as patients claim that magic mushrooms can relieve excruciating condition


Mon 31st Jul 2006

MPs savage government's 'ad hoc' drug policy


Mushrooms legalised again?

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