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Events in London

This week Week of Mon 25th Nov Week of Mon 2nd Dec Week of Mon 9th Dec

Kundalini Yoga, Sound and Cacao Ceremony with Wisdom Roundhouse

Cyclical Living as Embodied Activism with Ruby May

Shroomshop Pro: A Magic Weekend of Mushroom Cultivation

Psychedelic Tea Ceremony

Sufi Shekhina Song Circle

Doors of Perception: Week Four

Slow Dating: Intimate Connection for Psychedelic Singles

Psychedelic Women's Circle: Week Four

Men's Circle: Presence

Rave Ritual

The Work That Reconnects: Climate Grief & Sacred Activism

Headless Way with Richard Lang

Psychedelic Women's Circle: Week Five

The Psychedelic Renaissance Screening and Panel Discussion (Fundraising Party)

Dance in the Dark

Wild Play Lab: Unlock, Release, Relax

Full Moon Release

Movement Medicine

Natural Born Storytellers: Tales of our Elders

Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Journey One Day Retreat

Instant Enlightenment: Glimpsing the Buddha Mind

Psychedelic Gong Bath (Round Chapel)

Songs of the Heart Cacao Ceremony

Wild and Raw Relating

All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath New Years Eve

Experience Retreats

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: November 21-24 (4-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: December 18-22 (5-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Jan 29 - Feb 2 (5-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Feb 6-9 (4-day)

  • Thu 6th Feb 2020, 2pm – Sun 9th Feb 2020, 12:30pm
  • Netherlands

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Feb 13 - 16 (Returners 4-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Feb 20-23 (4-day)

  • Thu 20th Feb 2020, 3pm – Sun 23rd Feb 2020, 3pm
  • Netherlands

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Feb 27 - Mar 2 (5-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Mar 5 - 9 (5-day women-only)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Apr 8-13 (6-day double ceremony retreat)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Apr 15 - 19 (5-day)

Others' events

Psychedelic Jazz from De Lorians

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